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I spoke at Engaging Networks’ community conference.

— 6 months ago

Back to school!

I’m studying for a master’s degree part time at Birkbeck’s Department of Politics.

— 1 year ago

Very excited to have been shortlisted for the Mark Hanson Award at The UK Social Media Communications Awards.



— 1 year ago

We’re planning to be the first to use the relaxation of parody rules for a spoof website.


— 1 year ago

When you pick up your evening paper and see photographs of a ballerina perched on a ship’s rail with her legs crossed and her skirt pulled higher than is absolutely necessary, or an exotic movie star with her evening gown about to slip off one bare shoulder – then, my friends, you are looking at “cheesecake.”

“Cheesecake” is a termed coined by newspaper photo desk men to describe the pictorial strip-tease which is an indispensable part of journalism the world over. (In less elegant circles it is sometimes refereed to as “leg art.”) It didn’t take a Gallup poll to teach editors that next to pictures of children, a pretty girl in a bathing suit will stop the reader’s eye faster than anything else. And for this reason, cheesecake represents one of the more important phases of publicity. 

- Constance Hope, 1941

Working at PETA, I am learning that not much has changed in 70 years.


— 1 year ago

Social media analytics three months in to my new role.

— 1 year ago
Another great year for Bright One.
— 2 years ago

How PR people see each other

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